2020 programme

What are we planning to get up to this year?

Please find our provisional events programme for this year below. We are hoping to hold socially distance outdoor meetings throughout the autumn, although may have to mix this up with virtual sessions at times. Full details will be sent out to members once confirmed – please drop us a message if you think you’ve missed an email.

January – Saxon murder mystery

Following on from our Christmas party we’ll continue to look at the Saxons. We’ll make a clay amulet, investigate a Saxon burial to see what we can make of what was left behind, and play Saxon games

February – music through the ages

We’ll look at music through the ages, with different instruments, and think how we can know (or guess) what music was like in the past before recordings, as well as playing old equipment to play music.

March – Civil War walk (cancelled)

Walking from Fort Royal to The Hive we’ll have a guided tour of some Worcester’s Civil War sites, before ending at The Hive where we’ll see documentary and archaeological evidence of the wars in Worcestershire.

April – household archaeology (digital meeting)

As we can’t hold our usual meetings, we’re going to set a challenge or two each month then get together online to share what you’ve found! First up is archaeology at home – what’s the oldest object you can find?

May – hillforts & games (digital meeting)

Young archaeologists’ have a choice of two challenges this month – put your detective skills to the test and find out all about Iron Age hillforts, or use your imagination and awesome knowledge to come up with an archaeology game. Can’t wait to see what you all get up to!

June – the power of salt & maps (digital meeting)

Archaeology at home activities for June include a ‘scrap map’ challenge and investigating the archaeology of a power ancient substance: salt.

July – family walk (on hold)

Our family walk this year will be around Broadway on the edge of the Cotswolds, which has been home to human for thousands of years and lots of evidence has been uncovered over the years.

August – summer holidays!

September – hillfort trip

Iron Age hillforts: a defensive fortress or the ultimate show-off to your neighbours? We’ll explore British Camp on the Malvern Hills to find out more about life over 2000 years ago.

October – Tiddesley Wood

An autumnal walk through ancient woodland where we’ll find out just how important woods have been throughout history.

November – outdoor event (TBC)

We’re currently planning an outdoor event for November and will share more once arranged.

December – Christmas party

Watch this space – things will be a bit different this year, but we’re still hoping to hold a Christmas celebration! (Did someone just mention an archaeological cake competition… ?)