Worcestershire Young Archaeologists’ Club has been running since 2003

We offer young people the chance to have fun and make new friends whilst getting hands on with the past! The club’s leaders are a mixture of professional archaeologists and parents, and the group is supported by the County Council’s Archive & Archaeology Service. WYAC is part of a national network of Young Archaeologists’ Clubs.


What age group is WYAC for?

Anyone between the ages of 8 and 16 years is welcome to join, and those aged 16-17 can still take part as young leaders.

Where are meetings held?

Around Worcestershire – as members come from across the county and further afield, we try to vary the location between meetings.

How much does it cost?

Annual membership is currently £10 and normal meetings cost £1 per member.

Is there a waiting list?

At the moment, yes – due to current restrictions our outdoor meetings are limited to 15 young people, so unfortunately we don’t have space for new members at present. Please do still get in touch via the ‘Contact us’ page if your child is interested in joining and we’ll let you know when things change.

How is the national Young Archaeologists’ Club different to Worcestershire YAC?

Worcestershire Young Archaeologists’ Club is regional branch of national YAC, which covers almost 70 groups in total. Young people don’t need to be a member of the national YAC in order to join our Worcestershire branch (although national membership comes with a ‘YAC Pass’ that offers discounts or free entry at many historic sites across the country). The YAC network is supported by the Council for British Archaeology. Worcestershire’s YAC group is also supported Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service, part of the County Council.

How often do run WYAC digs?

Excavations are super exciting! We know that this is what members are most keen to take part in and WYAC runs or gets involved in digs are often as we can. It’s not always possible to do this as frequently as we’d like, but aim for a dig every year or two. There is much more to archaeology than digging, so our programme gives members the chance to see what else archaeologists get up to.


Keeping our members safe is key. All WYAC leaders are DBS checked and a minimum of two leaders are present at every session, including digital events. Our sessions are individually risk assessed and meetings start with a H&S briefing to members. Through the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), the club receives first aid and safeguarding training. Find out more about the CBA’s Child Protection Policy at www.yac-uk.org/faqs-grown-ups