Past Events

Archaeology covers all of the human past – from investigating buried sites and ancient landscapes to drawing finds, scientifically analysing bones and sharing new discoveries.

A selection of our favourite events from the past few years are below, to give you an idea of what we get up to!

Excavation of WWII defense features in the Lickey Hills
Goodrich Castle – once a year we venture beyond Worcestershire
You are what you eat, quite literally!
Examining plant remains to understand ancient landscapes
Reconstruction & experimental archaeology
Family walk with lots to spot along the way
Earthworks survey of a medieval village
Using flotation tanks to extract environmental clues
Trip to Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings
Saxon activities at Bishop Wood’s reconstruction hall
Having a go at geophysical surveying, to see what lies beneath the ground
Exploring prehistoric tools & technology
C17th hat game
Christmas party games from the years Cromwell banned Xmas
Practicing archaeological drawing skills at the Cathedral
Music through the ages

Part of the national Young Archaeologists’ Club!